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About Us

~ Lauren Ashley

I’m Lauren Ashley, creator of Timeless Daily Moisturizer.

I’ve loved skincare products since I was a child. I have fond memories of weekends spent standing on a chair in my mom’s kitchen mixing face masks, creams, and other concoctions from ingredients in the pantry.

There was something addictive and satisfying about the different textures and scents. I just loved exploring different ratios, different recipes, and new ingredients in my mission to create the ultimate cream!

As I got older, my curiosity turned to results. I’d spend hours pouring over research to figure out what ingredients and properties would create creams that felt great, smelled amazing, and delivered the results I wanted.

At college, I graduated with a Masters of Science degree in Speech Language Pathology. I’ve spent many years working in a sub-acute rehab setting supporting individuals with cognitive-linguistic and swallowing deficits, but I never lost my passion for holistic health, beauty, and skincare.

When you feel good about your skin, you feel better about yourself.

Like most women, I want healthy, hydrated, vibrant skin. It’s why I’m attracted to anti-aging products that offer incredible results! But I won’t compromise my health or my values with creams that rely heavily on synthetic ingredients.

It’s why I decided to return to my roots and create my own anti-aging moisturizer.   

When you use Timeless, you can enjoy the skin you want without compromising your health.  

Truth is, the scientific community remains divided about the extent to which beauty products penetrate the skin and enter our bloodstream. But one fact is indisputable - the skin does absorb (it’s how nicotine and hormone replacement patches work).

So why not support your skin with natural ingredients rather than settling for harsh, potentially toxic, synthetics that are often plastic and petroleum-based?

Almost every ingredient inside Timeless occurs in nature naturally.

So if you want your skincare routine to be part of your health routine, use Timeless by Rewind By Lauren Ashley.

Thanks to its formula, you can look your best by feeding your skin with safe, gentle, naturally derived ingredients.

I hope you love it as much as I do.